Sorbonne-Guelph Conference Programme


An Interdisciplinary Symposium on the cultures of sport in the 18th and 19th centuries

Salle des Actes, Université Paris Sorbonne

March 13-14, 2014


 Thursday, March 13

 2.15: Opening

Introduction: Alexis Tadié

1. The Human Animal Interface (2:30- 4:00)

Chair: Alexis Tadié , Université Paris-Sorbonne; Institut Universitaire de France

1. Donna Landry, University of Kent

“’Lux ex oriente’: The Sporting Art of George Stubbs and the Eastern Horse.”

2. Marius Kwint, University of Portsmouth

“Descartes Goes to the Circus: Views of the Brute Creation in Performance, c. 1750-1850”


Tea (4:00 – 4:30)


2. Turf Wars (4:30 – 6:00)

Chair: Laetitia Zecchini, Centre national de la recherche scientifique

1. Phil Dine, National University of Ireland, Galway

“Horse racing in Early olonial Algeria: from Anglophilia to Arabomania”

2. John McLeod, University of Leeds

“Colonial Sport and Postcolonial Writing”


Friday, March 14


3. Ludic Practices (9:00 – 10:30)

Chair: Anne-Marie Miller-Blaise, Université Paris 3-Sorbonne Nouvelle

1. Frans De Bruyn, Université d’Ottawa

“Angling, Hunting, and Shooting: Arts of Rural Sport and the Art of Poetry, 1650-1800”

2. Daniel O’Quinn, University of Guelph

“Funereal Games: Sporting Events, Historical Encounters, Artistic Figures”


Coffee Break (10:30 – 11:00)


4. Unprofaned by Vulgar Tread (11:00 – 12:30)

Chair: Daniel O’Quinn, University of Guelph

1. John Whale, University of Leeds

“Writing Fighting: Pugilism and Aesthetics, 1785-1830”

2. Sharon Harrow, Shippensburg University

“Boxing for England: Daniel Mendoza and the Theatre of Sport”


Lunch (12:30 – 2:00)


5. Acts of Refinement (2:00 – 3:30)

Chair: Sylvie Lafon, Université Paris VIII-Saint Denis

1. Alexander Regier, Rice University

“What is Training?”

2. Alexis Tadié, Université Paris-Sorbonne; Institut Universitaire de France

“The Birth of Modern Tennis”


Tea (3:30 – 4:00)


6. Extremities (4:00 – 5:30)

Chair: Laurent Folliot, Université Paris-Sorbonne

1. Simon Bainbridge, Lancaster University

“Romanticism and the Invention of Mountaineering”

2. Supriya Chaudhuri, Jadavpur University

“Pilgrim, Pundit, Photographer, Spy: the Ambiguous Origins of Mountaineering in India”